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the goods

all written, directed, and edited by yours truly unless indicated otherwise

advertisey things


"Art and Ancestry"

Savencia Cheese


Bissell Barkbath Dual Use

"Under the Wire"

H&R Block Tax Pro Go

"Cupcake Warrior"

Better Business Bureau

"Safest in the Field"


"We're Not From Here"

Book Trailer for "Challenger Deep"

Ocean Blue Omega 3

"The Bear"

BIC BodyMark Temporary Tattoo Markers

"Pool Party"

Shakey's Pizza Bunch of Lunch

"I'm coming 4 U!!"

shorts and miscellany

Official Teaser for "Gracie"

"Period Piece"

"Eat That Salmon You Bastard"

"These Are Our Weekends"

"A Small Conversation About Big Things"

"The Holy One"

"Audio Tour"


"What's For Lunch?"

Written by Pauline Yasuda

"Heart to Heart"

Written by Jim Woster

"Yack In The Box"




"Adviser vs. Advisor: There's a Difference"

"A Good Inference"

"To Be Human: Looking Beyond"

"Oh, It's About To Get ENHANCED"

music videos

Jimmy Right Now feat. Shybat

"Right Kind Of Love"


The Chronicles of Zombia: The Nerd, The Nympho, and The Nutjob

Co-written by Bobby Brimmer and John Broker


Watch the whole series


"Ken Tells A Story"

"Jesus Sosa Calvo: A Life Shaped by Wood"

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